Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yard Sale - Nova Scotia Style

Yard sales in Nova Scotia are different than what we are accustomed to after all our years living in Ontario.

We held 2 yard sales at our home in Ontario before we moved. Neither were fun. We advertised our sales for 7 am. The dealers and flea market operators arrived at 6 am, (the better to distract you while you are trying to set up) grabbed at everything they thought they could make money from by reselling, offered the lowest price possible, argued about everything and eventually left with what they could scoop. Then, right at 7 am the bargain hunters arrived. Which is fine, that is the idea of a yard sale. Except that they were usually very rude, critized everything you had for sale, told you your stuff was vastly overpriced and junk and some even tried to steal stuff. By 9 am most everything was sold and we were totally stressed out and very disappointed with the amount of money we made.

So, when we held our first yard sale in Nova Scotia, we were ready. It was a neighbourhood sale and we first realized things were going to be different when the neighbours told us the sale would not start until 9 am. So OK we thought, but we will be ready by 7 am when the dealers show up. We are not going to be distracted this time. But no one came until about 8:30 am. And these potential customers apologized for being early and said they would just browse until 9 am. Then more people arrived at 9 am and the sale was underway. Everyone took the time to admire everything we had for sale, compliment us on the quality and variety. Those decided to purchase bargained by saying "would you consider taking __$$ for this?" Absolutely no rudeness and no insults. All in all it was a very social occasion. We met lots of nice people, spent the day visiting and learning a lot about our neighbourhood and had a grand time. And it really did not matter how much money we made. Although we did well.

Yesterday we held the first of what we expect will be 2 yard sales to downsize our possessions to "motorhome volume". Believe me we have a lot to sell. We set up at Bay Hammocks (our home is a little of the beaten path) and put up a couple of signs advertising our sale to start at 9 am. People started to arrive at 8:30 am and by the end of the day we sold nearly everything. And had a great time. Friends and neighbours dropped out for short visits, buyers were plentiful and friendly. A woman, one of our first customers, told me "you will do well today, you stuff is beautiful and very well priced", And we did. And had a grand time as well.

We will be having another sale in 2 weeks. Will watch the weather and decide what day as the time gets closer. Hope to see you then.

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