Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wild Leek - Food and Juice Bar

I apologize for no blog posts for the last month or so. Since we arrived home we have been busy - with very boring stuff - getting Bay Hammocks up and running, looking after backlogged doctor and dentist appointments, etc.  These things are nearly under control now so I will get on with telling you more about our life and friends in Nova Scotia and the neighbourhood where we live.

Kirsten Taggart was an "across the road" neighbour when we lived in our sticks and bricks house. She is a trained chef who blogs about her life and food. She is also a single mom with three beautiful daughters. And earlier this month she realized a life-long dream by opening a restaurant in a very interesting Halifax neighbourhood.

Very cute don't you think?
Wild Leek - Food and Juice Bar
 2156 Windsor St., Halifax
My sister, Mary, and I had lunch there yesterday. The menu is all natural and vegan. And changes monthly. There is also a daily special, a selection of desserts and excellent, made just for you, juices are served.

Although neither of us is vegan we really enjoyed our lunch. I had the quiche and salad and Mary had the Five'Oh BBQ Portobello sandwich. A fresh orange, grapefruit and ginger juice and chocolate cake for dessert. All very delicious and beautifully presented.

 I did not take photos of the food. Wonderful artist and blogger friend, Shelagh Duffett (also a photographer) has gorgeous photos of Wild Leek and Kirsten's food here.

So, if you are in Halifax, check it out.

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