Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exploring Nova Scotia - Keji

Family and friends are asking what we plan to do when we return from our "big adventure" in July 2014.To tell you the truth,we have no idea. One thought is that we might work as campground hosts for the summer. So earlier this week we decided to check out a couple of local parks.

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada (fondly called Keji by Nova Scotians) is the only Parks Canada site designated as both a National Park and a National Historic Site. It is very popular with both visitors and locals so we decided to check it out first.

It actually is two parks offering two totally different experiences. 

The main park is in the centre of Southwestern Nova Scotia  You can experience nature at its best here by camping in a beautiful, serviced, wooded campsite or at a remote wilderness site. While here discover historic canoe routes, experience Mi’kmaw petroglyphs, and swim in the warm waters of Kejimkujik Lake. It is best explored by water so we didn't spend much time there. But it is beautiful and would be a great spot to be a camp host.

Although it is in a very rural and isolated spot, approximately 70 kms from Bridgewater and Liverpool on the south shore and 80 kms from Digby on the Fundy shore, it does have a few services near the entrance to the park. Including this cafe:
The Wildwood Cafe
The food was excellent:
Arch had this smoked salmon bagel, complete with capers, red onion and lemon

and I had asparagus quiche with a very fresh side salad

beside the patio - a great spot to enjoy a coffee
Located about 70 kms south of the main park, on the ocean, is the Kejimkujik Seaside. While the inland park is spectacular the seaside is much more what we enjoy. Great hiking and spectacular ocean views.

So we decided to hike out to the beach. 5.5 kms. Round trip. Despite the fact that the only hiking we've done all summer was on the golf course. 
Our destination was on the far side of the 2nd point of land, we think
We were greeted by this at the start of the trail:
Oh well, we'll just make a lot of noise
So off we go:
As we come out of the seaside forest and into the coastal barrens we can see the ocean in the distance - a long way to go:
the thin area of dark blue is the ocean
Then a fork in the road - we chose the trail on the left, Harbour Rocks
Harbour Rocks in the distance
Getting Closer
Cannot really see the seals from here
So across the point we go to another beach and a seal viewing area
With an information panel
And there are the seals, basking in the sun
We loved the Keji Seaside but unfortunately there is no camping there. After leaving the park we stopped at Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, which is close by, for a look. It was very nice with large sites, lots of trees, etc, but no services - not even for the campground host. There is water and a dump station available but I cannot imagine going for a month without electricity. So much for campground hosting here! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

2013/14 Travel Plans

We are finding it a little difficult to believe, but our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up in April, 2014. Also, Bay Hammocks is sold so we are footloose and fancy free!

Taking a super RV trip across North America seems a good way to celebrate - it will be like a 9 month party :).

So here is our travel schedule for the coming year:

October: Visit family and friends in Eastern Canada

Nov. 1 to 15 - Cross the US border and go directly to Roanoke, Virginia where we will take the Blue Ridge Parkway across to Kentucky and Tennessee.

Nov. 15 to 22  - Natchez Trace Parkway to the Texas border on the Gulf of Mexico

Nov. 23 to Dec. 15 or so Texas

Dec. 16 to Jan. 3 or 4 - across Arizona and California to Pasadena where we hope to attend the Rose Bowl Parade - still waiting for final bill for Adventure Bus preparations for this trip before booking.

Jan. 4 to April 1st - Explore California, Arizona and New Mexico.

April 1 to 30 - Up the US west coast to British Columbia

May 1 to May 31 - Southern BC

June 1 to 30 - Cross Canada with a stop in London, Ontario to visit old friends.

July 1 - Canada Day Celebration in Ottawa

July 7 - Home in Nova Scotia