Friday, January 11, 2013

Some Days You Get Lucky

Before Christmas my Facebook and blogger friend Elaine shared a picture from the RV resort where she and her husband Rick are spending the winter. It was a contest, share the picture and be entered in a contest to win 6 months free at The Glades RV Resort. So I shared the picture. What did I have to lose. And guess what. I won the prize.

On Wednesday, when we returned from our air boat trip (more about that later) there was an email from Elaine telling me that I had won. We were really excited but knew nothing about the resort. So today we drove the 75 miles south from where we are now to The Glades to check it out.

What a great spot. Very friendly people, a beautiful location, and the resort focuses on golf and fishing - Arch's two favourite things in the whole world - next to me and Tara, of course.

And we met Elaine and Rick in person - up till now we were Facebook friends only - even though they are from Moncton, New Brunswick. Not that far from where we are in the summer.
Rick and Elaine - great people,  We are looking forward to seeing more of them later this month
But 6 months is a long stretch for adventurers like us to spend in one place. So I contacted Jerri, the leasing manager at the resort and asked if we could book 1 month this February and use the other 5 months in 2015 after we go to Arizona and California in 2014. Sure, she emailed back. No problem. I told you they were nice people.

So our plan is to head for the Florida Keys when we leave here next week and then return to The Glades for 1 month starting Jan 25, then head up along the gulf coast starting Feb 24.

Thank you, The Glades RV Resort. Lucky us!


  1. yeahhhh you!!! Congrats once again...

  2. Thanks Elaine. Nice to meet you and Rick in person today.


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