Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Top 10 Reasons to Stay at The Glades RV Resort

As you know, I won a 6 month stay at The Glades RV Resort in Moore Haven, Florida. Before deciding on an extended stay there we decided to spend a month this year to be sure we liked it. We will go back. Here's why:

10. The people at The Glades. Both residents and employees. Everyone was so welcoming and nice.

9. The surrounding communities. We had a great time here. There was so much to see and do we could not possibly see take in everything in a month. We missed the Sugarland Tour in Clewiston (It was booked up, so if you go to The Glades book this early),  Billie Swamp Safari, and several other attractions.
At the Ortona Cane Grinding Festival
8. The RV Park - so neat and clean without being over-regulated.

7. The fishing. You could fish anywhere there was water and the Calahooshatchee River runs by the park and the resort has its own marina. When we go there next we will have a boat in some form. Arch did fish from the dock, from the river bank and at a small dam at the Ortona Lock near the park. We are thinking a Porta-Bote would be great.

6. The people in the neighbouring communities. Everyone was very helpful and happy to tell us about their town and how to get the most from our visit there.

5. The location. Some might think the location a bit isolated - it is 15 miles to the nearest shopping, etc. But we thought that an advantage. We loved the peace and quiet (especially after Adelaide Shores where we had a major highway and a nightclub just behind us, and a tennis court where activities started at 7:30 am right outside our bedroom window). The night sky was beautiful - the ability to see it is a rarity in over-lit Florida. Lake Okeechobee is near by and it is a one to one and a half hour drive to the beaches on the Gulf Coast, Fort Myers, Sanibel and Captivia Islands, The Everglades, Shark Valley, Naples, etc. We did one trip per week.

4. The resort activities. From pot luck suppers to art classes to bean bag baseball, if you got bored here it is your own fault.
We sucked at bean bag baseball. But they were nice enough to let us play anyway.
3. The golf. The resort has a 9 hole golf course on site with organized men's, women's and couple events but with lots of times available for residents to just walk over and play 9 holes. Again, very laid back. Because they knew we had problems leaving Tara alone we were permitted to take her with us in the golf cart. She had to stay on the cart, but it did make it possible for us to play golf together. Also, there was a small grill at the golf course - great for a quick breakfast or lunch.
So, guess who walked
Golf buddies - photo by Elaine from E & R's Travels
2. The weather. It was spectacular. only one day of rain in 30 and temperatures in the high 20s C. One thing we learned on this trip - if you want to be guaranteed warm, relatively dry, winter weather in Florida you must be south of a line stretching across Florida from Sarasota to Stuart.

1. Did I mention the people? From Facebook friends Elaine and Rick (thanks guys for including us in your activities) from New Brunswick whom we met through their blog, to Kristi and Jerri in the office, to the guys at the golf course and grill, to our fellow golfers and all the residents of The Glades, everyone was friendly, helpful and made us feel incredibly welcome and included.
Farewell supper - from left around the table, Cheryl, Cal, Debbie, Elaine and Rick
So, Thank you The Glades RV Resort. We will be back.


  1. Great posting. We followed you out yesterday morning and blew the horn as you were turning onto 80 hope we didnt scare you as we seen Arch pull over. Stay safe up there seen where there was a tornado go through Tampa this AM. HOT and windy here.

    1. Wet and windy here but no tornado. Cleared this afternoon.

  2. hey guys we miss you :(....no wet here yet just the odd sprinkle....hugs to tara girly


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