Friday, September 13, 2013

2013/14 Travel Plans

We are finding it a little difficult to believe, but our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up in April, 2014. Also, Bay Hammocks is sold so we are footloose and fancy free!

Taking a super RV trip across North America seems a good way to celebrate - it will be like a 9 month party :).

So here is our travel schedule for the coming year:

October: Visit family and friends in Eastern Canada

Nov. 1 to 15 - Cross the US border and go directly to Roanoke, Virginia where we will take the Blue Ridge Parkway across to Kentucky and Tennessee.

Nov. 15 to 22  - Natchez Trace Parkway to the Texas border on the Gulf of Mexico

Nov. 23 to Dec. 15 or so Texas

Dec. 16 to Jan. 3 or 4 - across Arizona and California to Pasadena where we hope to attend the Rose Bowl Parade - still waiting for final bill for Adventure Bus preparations for this trip before booking.

Jan. 4 to April 1st - Explore California, Arizona and New Mexico.

April 1 to 30 - Up the US west coast to British Columbia

May 1 to May 31 - Southern BC

June 1 to 30 - Cross Canada with a stop in London, Ontario to visit old friends.

July 1 - Canada Day Celebration in Ottawa

July 7 - Home in Nova Scotia


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