Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meeting up With Fellow RV Bloggers

When Arch and I started this RV adventure one of our main goals was (and is) to learn as much as we can about the USA and Canada and, more importantly, to get to know interesting people along the way.

We are not loners and enjoy everyone we meet. From people living in poverty, trying to recouperate from the devestation of hurricane Katrina, to people suffering dehibiliting diseases but enjoying life on the road anyway, to folks just like us who are travelling and enjoying the scenery, people, etc to the folks who have more money than we can imagine driving the biggest motorhome or pulling the largest 5th wheel with the most fancy truck (some even have semi truck cabs) possible.

But our favoutite experience is to meet up with fellow bloggers and facebook friends whom we know only through an internet connection.

Last year Elaine MacAskill Cochrane and I connected on Facebook and when I shared a photo that she had shared on Facebook I won a 6 month stay at The Glades RV Resort in Florida. We met in person, Arch and Elaine's husband Rick hit it of and this year we spent two days two in their yard in Moncton NB before heading out together for our winter destinations. We parted in PA when Elaine and Rich headed south and we headed west.
It was a chilly and bright morning the day we left Elaine and Rick's
As we headed down the Natchez Trace Parkway last fall I noticed that a blogger I follow and am a facebook friend with, Daryl Cheney White (Dee) and her husband, Michael, were close behind us. Then I lost track of them for a while and then, while we were at Bentsen Palms Village RV Resort Dee contacted me to say they were just down the road and lets get together for a visit. She also mentioned that another blogger, Ruth Garside was staying at Bentsen Palms as well. So one afternoon between Christmas and New Years the 6 of us got together at our RV site for coffee and conversation. 
From left: Me, Ruth Michael (with timbit) Arch and Ken (with Jackson)
Thanks Dee for the great photo.

And I picture I took so you know what Dee looks like:
Dee, Michael, Arch, Ken and Ruth
What a great afternoon getting to know fellow bloggers. I just love Facebook and the internet.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how easy it is when you finally meet face to face after following each other. This is such a fun life! Glad you got to meet up with RV friends.

  2. Always great to meet up with fellow RVer bloggers:)


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