Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Tale of Two Markets - Part One - The Pike Place Market

When I was in the coffee roasting cafe business we opened a shop in the new Covent Garden Market in London Ontario. One of the markets used as an example of the type of market  the city wanted this new market to be was the Pike Place Market in Seattle.
The market is housed in several buildings 
So, despite the fact that our time in Seattle was short, we did take an afternoon to visit this market. Unfortunately it was Easter Day so many of the business were closed and it was hard to understand what the London folks were so excited about. The seafood vendors all were closed but this one looked interesting:

The cheese shop was very busy, as were the cheese makers:
The vats were huge. 
There appeared to be only one vegetable vendor:
I expected a larger display and more veggie vendors
The bagels looked like they were made "Montreal-style". Yum
And there were many tulips for sale:
But the highlight of the visit was a cafe latte at the original Starbucks. They were really busy and there was no way I could get a photo that would show you what it was like so I "borrowed" this one from their website:
The store is quite unique and in no way resembles the Starbucks we see in most locations. You can read all about it on the Starbucks website.

While an historic landmark in Seattle, this is not the original store. It actually opened first in another location and moved to this spot 5 years later.  A smart move!

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  1. We were in Seattle two summer ago and had a wonderful time. Pike's Fish Shop is the highlight of the Market with the way they call out and throw the fish. Too bad they weren't there, it makes the whole experience worth it. They also do a food tour in the area which our daughter and I did while John waited at the Starbucks a block up the street (less crowded). This is also where the tour met. Good you got a little time to at least see the market.

    1. Thanks for this inf Pam. It will be most helpful to others planning to visit. We were really sorry to miss the "fish throwers". I know they are the highlight of the market.


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