Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's all About the Mattress

We've spent hours trying to decide on a new mattress for the motorhome. We have a king size bed now that was very expensive and we love so deciding on something for the motorhome is a big deal to us. We've been looking at memory foam but it is incredibly expensive. Thought about a sleep number bed but then we read a blog post by Nina at Wheeling it . So much for that idea. Then yesterday we received a Groupon for a Memory Foam Mattress, all components made in Canada, at an amazing price.

So we headed into Sears to try out the memory foam mattresses. They had three different ones, at three different prices, all over $1500, just for the mattress. All very comfortable. So we came home and purchased the Groupon and ordered a queen-size deluxe mattress.  We've purchased groupons in the past - mostly for golf - and had great success with them. They have always been accepted without hesitation and been very good value so we are looking forward to receiving the mattress. I'll let you know what we think when it arrives.

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