Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wallpapering Buddies

In late May of every year, up until now, Arch and I threw a "bring your own lobster" party for the neighbours. The lobster season ends in our area on May 30 so a season ending feast seemed appropriate. Everyone arrived with their lobster and the "experts" argue about how to cook them. About 25 to 30 people attend and a great time is had by all.
Is this watched pot going to boil?
Cooked and ready to eat
Arch makes it easy for everyone by chopping the claws
About 5 years ago one neighbour emailed to say he met a couple new to the neighbourhood and could they be his guests at the party. Of course, I said, everyone is welcome. Then, on the night of the party, the neighbour who issued the invitation was unable to attend and did not notify the people he had invited. So they showed up, lobsters in hand, to a party where they knew no one and were horrified that their host was not here. Needless to say we invited them in and they have been great friends ever since - although they must tolerate being called "the party crashers" at subsequent parties.
In 2009 we went to California with them for a golfing, hiking and exploring holiday
That couple was Norman and Susan and they are our volunteer wallpaperers. (I don't think that is a word, but, you get my drift.) They came last Sunday for the first round of wallpapering and spent all day working away in the "Adventure Bus".

They work well together, don't you think? Norman called it a bonding experience. And the wallpaper looks great. Really freshens everything up. You can see it on the wall behind Susan, below. Left click on the pictures for a larger view.

 I sure am glad we invited them in that day 5 years ago. Thanks guys.

They ran out of wallpaper. More has been ordered and I will post more pictures when to job is finished.

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