Friday, June 22, 2012

Everything That's Old is New Again

I love coffee and am very particular about having good coffee, properly brewed. Arch is also fussy about his coffee, but not so much as I am. After all, I was once a coffee roaster and my taste buds are trained to recognize the nuances in flavours between the different coffee beans. As a result, I spend a lot of money buying good coffee and brewing it properly.

I've tried a lot of coffee brewers along the way. Everything from a Bodum (good if you like grounds in your coffee) to the new capsule brewers. At our old house we used the home version of the restaurant-style pour-over coffee brewer. I loved it - it was fast, easy and made excellent coffee. But way too big to use in the Adventure Bus.

After looking at a lot of coffee makers I settled on an old-fashioned, but electric, coffee peculator. It was time, I thought, to sacrifice a little quality for more space in our tiny kitchen.
And, guess what? We love it too! It is easy to clean, does not take up too much counter space and stores in a corner of the cupboard when not in use. And, much to our surprise, makes the best coffee ever! And uses half as much coffee as other brewers. A real money saver it this home as we drink a lot of coffee. I think it uses less coffee because the water is in contact with the grounds longer as it perks through. 

Whatever the reason, this is one old-style appliance that has won a spot in the Adventure Bus.

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