Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life on The Adventure Bus

Well, here we are. Moved in and somewhat organized. The Adventure Bus is very comfortable and we are really pleased with the changes we made. I am still paring down our possessions. You get mighty tough about getting rid of something about the third time it gets in the way.

Tara is settled in and happy. Any place that Arch is is good enough for her.

Princess is doing much better than we expected. Sometimes I think cats would rather change people than change houses so we are relieved that she is settling in so well. When she came to live with us she spent the first 2 months under the spare bed. So we were a bit worried, but she spent one day trying to find a place to hide then gave up. Now she has claimed our bed as her turf and shares with no-one during the day. Much to Tara's disgust and disappointment.

One of the RV bloggers we follow is Nina from http://wheelingit.wordpress.com, She recently wrote a post explaining the 80/100/100 rule of RVers -  if 80% of the things on the motorhome are working, we should be 100% happy 100% of the time . We are quickly learning that this true. We thought everything was perfect when we moved in but now the kitchen tap is leaking. And the freezer is icing up - I think that is because it was on and empty so I am defrosting it. And Arch is getting a new tap this am so we will be back to 100% working. Briefly, I expect.

The two biggest glitches we are experiencing are the location of the electrical plugs - very inconvenient:
Having the telephone on the dining table is not great.
And the panel on the front of the ventilation fan on the microwave oven keeps falling off:
We have not figured out a cure for this. Also, note the location of this plug. They are the only two in the living area of the motorhome and must be used for kitchen appliances, laptops. etc. I guess there is really no way to put them in the walls of the motorhome as they are too thin. As one of the manufacturer's reps. at the RV Show said "its just a box on wheels you know".

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