Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rich Really do Live Better Than You and Me!

Fox Harb'r Golf Resort was developed by former Tim Horton's owner as a playground for the rich and priveledged. It has 2 golf courses, one 18 holes and a 9 hole executive course. The 18 hole course is $300 a round so there was no way we could afford that. At $30 a round the executive course is on the higher end for a very short 9 hole course but do-able for our budget so yesterday we decided to give it a go.

There is no signage directing you to the course and the drive in would lead one to believe there is nothing special at the end of the road when suddenly you come upon a very long wrought irom fence, and then this:
The entrance gate was open so we simply drove in and up the very long and beautifully landscaped Amazing Grace Boulevard. The suddenly we came upon this:
The landing strip for private jets. Right in the centre of the golf course. I guess there was no way to make the airplane hanger look beautiful.

Off to one side of the course were private homes and condos. Nova Scotia's favourite songstress, Anne Murray, owns a home here.

Then we came to the main club house complex: 
It was beautifully appointed, both inside and out. I of course had to take a few photos of the women's locker room and bathroom. What is it about fancy bathrooms that inspires us to take photos - do we really expect, an outhouse???

Then on to the pro shop to book a tee time. Met the very personable golf pro and after a lot of chat about the course and how it operated he gave us a score card for the short course. When Arch asked "how much?' he said "No charge. You are guests of the resort. Have fun. Play as many rounds as you want."  What a nice surprise! So off we went.

The 9 hole course runs along the Northumberland Strait and the view is spectacular.

It was very windy though, and much tougher than it looks, especially the greens, so 9 holes was enough for our first golf outing since last April.

So we left the sea gulls to their green guarding job,
Said good-by to the fox,
And were on our way. What a fun experience thanks to a generous gesture by the golf pro. Thanks Fox Harb'r!


  1. Hi Aunt Anne and Uncle Arch!

    We just read the week's update. Gord says he has been over the Tappan Zee bridge on the same route. Slowly clearing up here for the day and we just walked the loop at Cleveland's beach. Message from Ruby: Mommy and I just fixed my music box. Jonah says hi. Satchel says "firetruck" Strange messages. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Hugs and kisses to Jonah, Ruby and Satchel. You and Gord also of course. We have recuperated from our trip and set out tomorrow to Lewes, Delware (an hour and half hour ferry ride) then on to Jane's Island State Park on the Chesapeake Bay for 3 days. Probably no internet for a while.


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