Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Should Have Known Better

The Adventure Bus is 10 years old and had little use (or care) in its previous life so we should have known we would have to redo the roof. But we choose to live in denial. And got caught. About a week ago we had our first really heavy rain of the season and it poured in to the Adventure Bus in one spot and leaked in an another one.

As they were forecasting the possible arrival of Hurricane Leslie in Nova Scotia within 48 hours this required an immediate fix, and caused us to miss a planned meet-up with Florida cousins Jim and Judy who were in New Brunswick (hi guys).

After getting a quote of $900 for a repair Arch went to our local RV dealer and purchased the necessary materials to do the job himself. He was pretty unsure about what he as doing but the saving was huge so we decided to take the chance. At this point we are suffering from budget burn-out so it seemed worth a try.
Following instructions carefully Arch cleaned the roof, removed all old caulking, washed it again with TPS and then waited impatiently for it to dry. As you can see it was a beautiful day so the roof dried quickly and he was able to paint on a coat of "rubber roofing." This was allowed to dry for 24 hours then he added a second coat. 
He was very relieved to be finished. So then the waiting began. The prediction for Leslie's arrival was changed and instead, and lucky for us,  Newfoundland is getting a visit from her today. But they were still forecasting very heavy rain for us. 

The roof had 24 hours to dry and about midnight the night before last the rain arrived. Arch was up and down all night checking for leaks but, HURRAH! NO WATER CAME IN. It continued to rain all day yesterday - 4" in total, according to Tara's water dish. And we still are high and dry.

On Thursday the Adventure Bus goes to be prepared for painting (front only), comes home overnight (so no need for boondocking yet), Then back for a shiny new coat of paint on Friday.

A week ago nephew David and his little family were visiting from Newfoundland.

David is the family tech expert so he installed our Sirius radio and connected the antenna to the TV so we can use either it or cable, depending on what is available.

So by Friday night we will be ready to head out  and on Monday the adventure begins. First to Truro to visit Arch's family, then on to PEI for a week. So exited!

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