Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Tree Lighting Festival on Jekyll Island

Yesterday was a big day on Jekyll Island. The Christmas lights were turned on in the Historic District with great celebration. (Warning - lots of photos, left click on them to enlarge)

The party started at 4 pm with a jingle bells bicycle parade. Which we missed but arrived in time to participate in the other activities:

We were greeted by a fork in the road - decisions, decisions. We chose the Christmas tree and food vendors. Arch went to find food and I wandered off to see what was what.

The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful spot for the kids to have their photo taken with Santa. Just an observation - there were some pretty big "kids" in line.

The veranda was nicely decorated and Mr and Mrs Claus with a helper elf were beautifully costumed and very charming. 

There was a music stage featuring a 4 piece band playing Christmas and other music suitable for children.

Horse drawn wagon rides at $5 per person were very popular.

Note the live oak behind the horse and wagon. There are many of these on the grounds of the historic area.

There were food booths featuring local favourites.

And, in the centre of it all the unlit tree. Yes that is a real, live tree, growing on the grounds.

Of course, I found Arch in the line up for the food tent above. He always makes the most healthy choice :).

Corn dogs and fried pickles
Sausage and fried onions
Ribbon Fries

Pumpkin Funnel Cake
Fat, fat and more fat. They also served Fried green tomatoes and red velvet funnel cake - made by adding red food colouring to pancake batter and deep fat frying it.

As the sunset, we made our selections and joined the gathering crowd in front of the tree:

And then I went off to check out the lights while Arch chatted with the other folks at our table. Who turned out to be RVers as well.

Here is the live oak I showed you earlier
Craft booths under the live oak
By the time I got back to our table, the lights were being turned out:

And then the grand event, a countdown and the tree was lit:

And lastly, fireworks:

And, to all, a goodnight.


  1. Love the pictures...thanks for sharing, we will have to visit this beautiful place some day.
    Debbie LeLievre~ Inverness NS

    1. It is really gorgeous here Debbie. We met one couple who spends the winter here and the summer at Cape Breton Highlands. They golf at highland links - we suggested they try Cabot Links next summer.


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