Friday, November 30, 2012

Southern Soul BBQ

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is one of those Food Network shows that make you wonder "is this real?" - it is so fast paced and out there. So nothing would do, when I learned that one of the "dives" featured on the show was close to us here at Jekyll Island, but that we go and check it out.

Southern Soul BBQ on St Simon's Island would also give Arch the opportunity to try some real southern barbecue.

The restaurant is the dominating presence on a traffic circle as you enter the shopping area on St Simon's Island. And very hard to miss. It is not very big, but had great street presence with several picnic-style tables outside.

There were several people sitting here when we arrived but all were gone when we left. It was a chilly day. Beside this patio were the wood smokers which the chef was just warming up.

The restaurant itself really is what I imagine a BBQ joint should look like. Small and narrow, you order at the cash register, take a seat at one of the 6 tables or a stool at the counter, they call your name when the food is ready, and deliver to your table. Tables are to the left of the counter, a large screen TV at the other end.

The woman in the blue jacket is standing in front of the door

The wall decor consisted of tongue-in-cheek photos, taken in the area.

Incidentally, hot boiled peanuts are a very popular delicacy here and you can buy them everywhere. They are made by placing unshelled raw peanuts and a spiced water in a slow cooker and cooking on low over night. They are not to our taste but, if you would like to try them, you will find a recipe here.

Arch had the ribs. Not the best he has had - those were the ones he purchased from a road side vendor at the Heritage Days Cultural Festival on St Helena Island in South Carolina - but these were a very close second.

All in all, an interesting, fun experience.


  1. the ribs look really good...I do not like the boiled peanuts either...eww....looks like a hopping place...thankfully we like beans becuase they serve them with everything down here...enjoy

    1. Thanks Elaine. As a child, baked beans and Maritime Brown Bread were always Saturday night supper so we are also just getting accustomed to having them as a side dish with so many main courses.

  2. So glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves! And be very very glad you're down where it's warm, it was -9C on the mountain this morning!

    Chuck & Desy

  3. Hi Chuck and Desy. 22C here today. At the moment we are sitting around a camp fire having wine and thinking about supper. Do not miss the cold.


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