Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lost in Lost Creek

 It took us 10 days to drive home from New Orleans but here we are, home and parked at Bay Hammocks.

We drove diagonally across the US from Louisiana to Maine, which meant we spent a lot of time in the Appalachian Mountains. A beautiful drive if you stay on the beaten path. Beautiful and scary if you don't. And one day we strayed.

We spent the night at Harrison Bay State Park in Southwestern Tennessee and the next morning decided to take the scenic (but 4 lane) route through the mountains to Pigeon Forge, our next stop.

Getting out of the park and back to the highway was going to be tricky. And we new the GPS would back track us by several miles to get on I75 so we did not use it. Instead we used the map to choose an alternative, and shorter, route. Which was fine. The road was a bit narrow but it took us through some pretty country. And Arch got to drive the Adventure Bus up and down a small, winding (and mercifully short) mountain road.

We came to the ramp for I75 and passed under it and started looking for the turn onto highway 441. After driving several miles we realized we missed it. And there was no where to turn a 38' motorhome, towing a car on a dolly, around. So forward we went.

The road was good but very narrow with not much protection to keep you from going over the edge:
In some spots there was a low barricade. Which looked very low from the passenger seat of a motorhome:
In other spots trees served the purpose:
And in other spots, barb wire was employed:
Even when protecting us from ravines such as this:
You may not see the fence in the trees but it is there.

At the top of the mountain we were greeted by this sign:
Very aptly named town. We wondered if we should drop in and say a little prayer before heading down the mountain. Which we knew we must do.

The drive down was even more scary. But the country side was beautiful:
 With several old abandoned houses along the way:
This one had a plaque describing its history (I assume) but there was no spot for us to stop and check it out. Looks like a school house.

Eventually we found highway 441:
This was almost enough to make us turn around and head back into the mountains.
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  1. Wow, we're glad you posted. We're doing the same trip only in another direction. We are going to be with family so will be going to Maine via Chicago.

    Great post!

    1. Stay off 441 Dee and if you can, avoid I59 going north east in Alabama. It is AWFUL.


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