Monday, October 14, 2013

The Accidental RVers Take in the Fall Colours at Ski Wentworth

Weather-wise it has been one of those fall weekends you dream of. Cool nights and warm sunny days. A great weekend to go outside and have fun. So we sandwiched Thanksgiving dinner between two great hikes. One planned, one not so much.

When we left the farmers' market on Saturday we headed out to the Wentworth ski area to take the cable car to the top of the ski mountain to see the fall colours. Sounded like a great idea and it was.

At 815 vertical feet high it is not really a very high mountain in Colorado/Alberta terms, but it is high enough to provide a great view of the surrounding area from the chair lift. Especially on the return ride to the bottom.

So we purchased a ticket and off we went.

You can see the trails on the map beside us. The trail on your left that swings way out around the mountain is called the Chickadee. This info will have significance later in this story.

We got on the chair and up we went. We noticed a few people walking down the mountain. What a good idea, we should do that sometime.

About halfway up the ride we noticed something
"Oh! Oh! Look Arch. There is no one coming down on the chair lift." Then it dawned on us - you are supposed to walk down.

We got off at the top and followed  the other folks heading off to walk down the mountain. You will notice behind me that we have a choice of two trails.
 The one on your left is called Explosion and is labeled as a double black diamond. Those among you who ski will know that this is the most difficult rating for a ski trail and is usually very steep. We chose the trail on your right.

The Chickadee trail I mentioned earlier. It is rated as easy and it was. But long. Halfway down we crossed Explosion.

The people you see near the top were on their hands and knees (or hands and bums) crawling down the hill. It was very steep. As for us we really enjoyed our 1 hour hike to the bottom of the mountain. An unplanned but very enjoyable walk.
Then a small reward for a job well done.
And off home, with a brief stop at the Masstown Market to pick up some goodies for our planned Thanksgiving Day hike/picnic and a bottle of good Nova Scotia wine for Thanksgiving dinner. What a crowded spot that was - I think half of Nova Scotia had the same idea.

Next post: Thanksgiving dinner and our picnic at Polly Cove.

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