Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Accidental RVers at Polly Cove, Nova Scotia

On the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed a great turkey dinner with sister-in-law Lesley and her children and grandchildren:
Clockwise from left is Lesley's son Paul, Emily, Paul's partner Sarah (expecting their first child in November), Renee, Lesley, Lesley's son David (Emily and Renee's dad) David's wife Heather and Arch.

Then, on Thanksgiving Day, a family hike.

Polly Cove is a spot near Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, few people know about. It has always been our go to spot for a challenging and rewarding hike and on Thanksgiving Day we set out to introduce it to some of our family members.

This is a beautiful area of Nova Scotia so I am including lots of photos. To enlarge the photos simply left click on them.

While it is relatively unknown to have the place to yourself  it is always best to go early in the morning. So at 9 am we set out with 6 adults, 1 teen and 6 children. It was a glorious morning for a hike. Warm sun and a cool air temperature.

When we arrived the kids raced to the rocks:
If you hike in this area the unwritten rule is: stay on the granite or follow the already the already made paths. The terrain is very fragile and it's biggest enemy is people.

About one half a kilometer into the hike you come to this old foundation:
I've asked several people and no one seems to know exactly why it is there. Some say that someone started to build a house there without a permit and was stopped. Others say it was a radio post during WWII. And there is the belief that it was a lookout to watch for German submarines during the war. So, who knows.

Whatever, the view from here is spectacular:
Our hike continues by scrambling down the giant boulder in front of Arch (above) and then following a trail through the low brush. But first, it has started to warm up a bit, time to start shedding some layers of clothing:
This is my niece, Rebecca and her husband, Gord. Three of the children are theirs. Behind Rebecca, you can see our destination in the distance.

But first a stop to explore and climb boulders at "the cliff".

This photo will give you an idea how large the boulders are, and why we call the area the cliff:
Oliver thinks he is the king of the world up there.

This is Indy. I think this falls under the category of "dogs will be dogs"
Indy was named after Indiana Jones because he is her master's favourite movie character and he had been told that the dog was a male. It was some time after she arrived before anyone thought to check and realized she was a "she". 

Then it is on to find a picnic spot:
Aaaah perfect:
While waiting for lunch Ruby heads out to explore and finds a small waterfall:
Which mom has to come and check out:
I think I better mention that the ocean is a fair distance from where we are and the kids are in no danger. Also, they spend a lot of time around the ocean and know to respect its power.

And a yummy picnic lunch was enjoyed by all:
The man in the stripped sweater is my nephew Joe and beside him, his wife, Sharelyn. Four of the children are theirs. 

And all together you have this motley crew:
After lunch the kids and Arch went boulder climbing while some of us sat back and enjoyed the sun. 

Then it was time to head back . With a brief rest stop at the foundation:
All in all it was a great wind up to a fun Thanksgiving weekend.

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  1. No wonder you haven't been out for six months! You are living in beautiful Nova Scotia! We've been to your home province is such a wonderful place.

    Looking forward to see where you are heading. Travel safely!


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