Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Driving to Phoenix

It took us three days to drive from San Antonio to Phoenix - about 1000 miles across the desert, with a few mountains thrown in. Very much against our 4-4-2 driving rule (quit after 4 hours, 4 pm or 200 miles - whichever comes first) but I was anxious to get settled there and head for Montreal, so we did it.

As we left San Antonio we quickly got a feel for how big Texas really is:
Rolling hills and expansive views
The mountains you see in the distance are the Davis Mountains, which are north of Big Bend National Park.

As we entered the mountains there was a scenic look-off. We stopped to check out the scenery. The view point was actually at the top of a pretty high climb but I decided to hike up quickly and take a look. Did not realize we were at an elevation of about 4000 ft. and the air was getting thin - thought I was having a heart attack half way up - then it registered that we were at a higher elevation than we are accustomed to. So I slowed down and made it to the top. The view was worth it:
That is the Adventure Bus down in the pull off
On the other side of the Davis Mountains we entered the desert:
And eventually passed by El Paso:
Downtown El Paso
The only city or town of any size between San Antonio and Phoenix.
El Paso subdivision
And crossed into New Mexico:

We originally planned to spend two weeks in New Mexico but that was not to be. And that is probably a good thing - the elevation in New Mexico is high and it is cold there.  But beautiful. This is the  view from the RV park where we stopped on night 2:
 The next day we drove past many pecan farms:

Through a lot of desert landscape until we entered Arizona and more desert:
When we arrived in the Phoenix area Arch's nephew, Fraser, who spent several winters there, met us and showed us several RV parks. He had already put our names in to hold a site in La Hacienda RV Resort in Apache Junction.. Which turned out to be the best of the bunch - he has excellent taste - and we checked in there for the rest of January.
Another great RV resort - very nice people manage it and the people in the resort were great. Arch connected with fellow golfers and played a lot of golf while I was away. Note all the trees - very unusual in RV parks in this area.

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  1. That looks like a wonderful park! Have to put it on the list for when we travel out west. We are loving your photos. Looks like you are having a good time.

    1. It was a great park Dee. We would really recommend it. We did not have the opportunity to participate in a lot of the park activities because I was away for several days and Arch was only interested in playing golf. Which I gather he did every day I was gone.


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