Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RVer Heaven- Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite is a small (population 3300) desert town in Arizona on the border with California. Interstate 10 runs through town and most people rush by on the way between Phoenix and Los Angeles. Except in January and February. Especially the last two weeks in January. When hundreds of thousands of of RVers descend on the town for annual RV rallies and a big RV show.

We planned to be there the last week in January for the geocashing rally but life got in the way and we did not make it until Feb 1st. As a result we missed the "big show".  But there was still a lot happening when we were there.

Many people boondock in the desert:
Lots of boondockers in the desert
While others, like us, stay at the many RV parks in and around the town:
Pretty cool bus renovation
Quartzsite, because of it's laid back atmosphere and low cost of living (other than in January and February) attracts a lot of characters. This gentleman seemed to know everyone in town and was happy to pose for a picture:
 And, even thought the big show was over there were still lots of vendor booths selling everything you can imagine:
jewelry and jewelry-making supplies
Products to support our RV lifestyle
So this is where all those wild western hats I see RVers wear come from!
What's a party without ice cream!
And beer
All in all a pretty interesting spot and well worth a stop if you are passing through in January or February.

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  1. Kathy and I were planning on heading out there next winter but the way the weather is changing we might wait another year. I am slowly prepping our trailer to run solar so we'll be ready for that trip.
    Rick had a chuckle about the comment Archie made.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It was probably just as well that you arrived after the Big Show. It imagine it was a lot less crowded.


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