Sunday, March 23, 2014

Salvation Mountain

A visit to Salvation Mountain in south eastern California was a big bucket list item for us. And our first stop when we left Yuma headed towards the Pacific Coast.

As we arrived, after a drive through California's Imperial Valley agriculture area and a long stretch through the desert, we were greeted by this sign:
And then this:
Salvation Mountain
It was really something to see all this appear out of the desert.

It is one man's tribute to God and his gift to the world. And an amazing work of art.  This kiosk told us the story:

Reading these info boards will be easier if you click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Sadly, Leonard died last February. But a group of hardworking and caring people work to maintain his masterpiece and explain it to visitors. We were greeted by this man who was touching up paint on the mountain and acting as the docent for the day:
He was very pleasant and helpful and explained the various activities around the site.

Before we visited we were talking to fellow RVers who visited recently. They told us of Leonard's death and suggested we not to bring paint as he was no longer there to use it. That was wrong - they are desperate for paint - latex base only - so if you visit take a can. Yellow preferred at the moment. They paint a yellow brick road for visitors to follow while exploring the mountain and the paint wears off quickly with all the traffic. There is a donation box for people like us who come paint-less.

Some pictures from our visit:
At the base of the mountain. I am standing on the yellow brick road.

Arch climbed the mountain. The path was too steep and narrow for me.
This picture will give you an idea of the size of Salvation Mountain. Arch is standing beside the base of the cross on top.
Leonard Knight lived in this truck most of the year. In the hot summer months he moved to a grotto inside Salvation Mountain.
Inside Leonard's home.

The guest house
Inside the guest house
Even the porch (desert) swing was a work of art.
So if you are in the area of the Imperial Valley or the Salton Sea in California be sure to stop at Salvation Mountain. Simply turn east at the grocery store in Niland and you will find it. And bring a can of paint.

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  1. I can't get over how bright the colors are. Someone has been doing a lot of repainting since we were there a year and half ago. Leonard had been moved to a nursing home shortly before our visit which could explain why the colors were getting dull. Some areas were repainted but nothing like the bright colors you have in your photos. Cool places isn't it!!

    1. Very cool place. And there was much more that I did not include - several "flower beds" and they are working on the grotto.


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