Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Halifax RV Show

The Halifax RV Show was an experience and an education. We went twice, on Saturday and Sunday.

 On Saturday we met our sister-in-law Lesley there with her son, Paul and his partner Sarah at the show. Sarah is going to introduce us to an uncle who is the general sales manager of a couple of RV dealerships in New Brunswick and Paul and Sarah are interested in buying a small trailer. We explored a few 5th wheels together – holy cow, they are large – and a couple of trailers within Paul and Sarah’s budget – oh my, they seemed small, especially as Paul is 6’3” and seems to take up all the space in them. Poor Sarah, she is not going to have much space J
Small, hard top camping trailers. Photo courtesy of Sara Star
Then we went on to meet Sarah’s Uncle Dennis. His booth (area) was very busy with the sales people consulting Dennis constantly about sales they were making, etc. It was hectic, but he kindly spent about 10 minutes with us showing us through a new 5th wheel and discussing what we are looking for. Then we exchanged cards and agreed to meet at his dealership in Moncton, NB to look at used trailers.
Livingroon in a 36' 5th wheel. Photo courtesy of Sara Star
On we went to explore more 5th wheels and were fortunate to meet a representative from Forest River Industries in Indiana. He was extremely helpful, explaining how the 5th wheels are built, what to look for when buying one, etc., etc. He gave us an hour of his time and we are very grateful.

After all that our brains were full for the day so we headed home to digest what we learned.  I think, at our age,  our brains can only hold so much and every time we learn something new we must throw something old out, so you have to be careful how much you put in there at once.

On Sunday we returned with my sister Mary and her husband John. Spent more time exploring the different makes and models of 5th wheels and talking to people about how they live in them.  We met friends of Mary and John there who own a 5th wheel the same size as the one we are planning to buy and they invited us to drop by their home to chat about their experience. Arch is looking forward to that and we will do so soon.

One of my great concerns is how we are going to ensure that we eat healthy, fresh food while on the road and that is the next area of our new life style I plan to expolore.

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