Saturday, February 11, 2012

We’ve Changed Our Mind – Now it’s a Motorhome

When we started considering full time RVing we thought we would buy a motorhome.

Then we started talking to dealers and went to the RV show. Everyone was selling 5th wheels and trailers. We still are not sure why but it became obvious that it was going to be a lot easier to find a used 5th wheel in good condition than a motorhome. Also, they have bigger kitchens and more comfortable sitting areas – with Lazy Boy chairs even. So we decided that was the way to go. We looked at many used 5th wheels. Found some great ones. Arch spent days shopping for a suitable truck. Found several. But there were 3 very obvious disadvantages to travelling and living this way:
Firstly, you have two large machines to manoeuver into place every time you stop. A 36‘ trailer and a very large truck.
Secondly, the cost. We would have to buy a trailer and a truck, which would be expensive enough, but then our touring around vehicle would be that big truck. A gas pig. Some people tell us they rent a car when they get where they are going but we plan to move around a lot and do not want to do that.
Thirdly, our pets. Travelling with both of them in the truck would be miserable. Tara would be fine. She is a great traveller who hops in the car, lies down and goes to sleep with a “wake me when we get there” sigh. Princess Kitty is another matter. She hates being in a cat carrier (necessary) & hates being in close proximity to Tara (also necessary).

So we changed our minds again and decided to investigate the motorhome option further. (As was recommended by a friend who has experience doing this type of thing.) And guess what, we found the perfect motorhome. 
It will arrive in a couple of weeks. It is 36’ long with 2 slides, has lots of storage, a not bad kitchen, was a dealer owned and operated vehicle and, most important, there will be lots of room for Princess to be free while we travel and she will find a safe spot to be.
We will tow the Smart car to use when we are not on the move. We will equip it with a golf bag carrier (on the back) and a roof carrier for the bits and pieces necessary when on day trips as Tara goes everywhere with us and will take up all the space in the back.

Now, it is time to think about getting rid of a lot of our possessions. I have been really procrastinating on this one.


  1. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

    1. We are really excited to start out Belinda

  2. Awesome to find you guys.. thanks so much for seeking out our blog! You guys sound awesome, and at a great time in your lives. I did a complete double take when I read your bios about being in your 70s. Your writing, passion and tone just shout out vibrance and youth! So inspiring.

    Truly hope our paths cross.. and until then, will enjoy cyber-stalking you guys :)

    (Our cat, Kiki, also has her own FB Page - - she and Tara should get to know each other. ;) )

    - Cherie /

  3. Hi Cherie We look forward to meeting you! And, age is only a number that tells how long you have been on earth, not a state of mind.


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