Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eating and Food Preperation While Travelling

Meal planning and preparation are generally my responsibility, Arch does have a few specialties that he makes (mostly breads) but I do the everyday stuff, and I am somewhat about how we are going to eat on the road. With a couple of exceptions, we do not eat processed foods, convenience foods, what I call fake food (for example, margarine) or at fast food restaurants. Also, I am a vegetarian, more from a dislike of meat than anything else, but Arch does enjoy meat on occasion. We eat fish now and then. I generally make everything in large batches and store the extra in the freezer. Judging by the size of the freezers that were in the 5th wheels I saw at the RV Show last weekend I do not think I will be doing that any more.
Quinoa Flatbread - we want to eat like this
Not this
I believe that recipes are a guide to ideas for food preparation and not written in stone. Sometimes my ideas and changes work, sometimes they don’t. Such is life.  In the next few months I am going to work with our favourite foods creating recipes for two that are delicious, easy to prepare, use few ingredients and transportable. I am also collecting a selection of recipes on Pinterest that I think I can change to serve two and prepare easily.  As we will have a very small oven, a three burner stove top and a microwave I plan to take our George Forman grill along as well as our blender and food processor (or maybe I will test an immersion blender to see if it will work, they look great when the chefs on the food channels use them). Arch also wants to take the stand mixer :). Somehow I doubt that that will be practical.

I will post successful recipes here and welcome your suggestions and ideas as I embark on my journey to create simple, tasty foods that we can enjoy while avoiding all the fast food traps I am afraid we will fall into while travelling.


  1. That flatbread meal looks so good....

    Belinda Naugler Adams

    1. It is delicious served warm with a green salad tossed with a light dressing.


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