Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Great Week of Planning

Now that the baby is here the work has begun. We really accomplished quit a bit so far:

  • Don't laugh but we hired a decorator to advise us and help redo the interior. We are planning to make mostly cosmetic changes and think a pair of trained eyes will be helpful. So now we are awaiting her recommendations.
  • At the flooring store Arch found someone to advise him on how to install the wood floor. This young fellow just finished helping his father-in-law install a floor in his motorhome and volunteered to do a plan for Arch. 
  • We (Arch in the drivers seat, me from the passenger seat - I do my best driving here :) ) have driven it 3 times on the roads around the neighbourhood and feel quite confident now. Our local roads are very narrow, twisty and hilly so I doubt if we will ever run into any more difficult to manoeuvre. This also means Arch has backed it up our 450 ft. driveway 3 times - again, probably the most difficult backing-up he will need to do.
  • A very mechanically experienced neighbour dropped in and spent 2 hours going over every inch of the motorhome. Thanks Langis. Mechanically, she is in excellent condition and needs only some minor fixes, which Arch is working on.
  • She has received her Canadian seal of approval and Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Inspection sticker so anything we do from here on in is cosmetic.
It's a long, long, narrow, rock-lined driveway to back up
Today it is freezing raining/snowing here so we are sitting around waiting for spring. According to the weather people we will be golfing this weekend. Can hardly wait.

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