Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Renovating is Underway

After several consultations with our interior designer, some impatience on Arch's part and several big decisions renovations are now under way in the still unnamed motorhome.

(if you left click on the photos they will open in a larger frame)

First Arch tackled the TV. This was a no-brainer as he wanted to be able to watch golf while he worked.
Before                          In Progress
The new flat screen TVs do not match the old one in size so Arch will fashion a new door above to hide the reno. This will require a trip to East Coast Specialty Hardwoods to find a suitable wood and stain. The folks there supply the wood for the spreader bars in our hammocks and Sarah and Sean, and Sarah's late father, Robert Matheson, have been great advisers about all things wood over the years.

Next, the floor. No way we wanted carpet in the living area. The plan was to use engineered hardwood but discovered it would add too much weight to the motorhome so used laminate instead. I think it will look great when the construction mess disappears.
Before                              In Progress
You can see Arch sitting in the entry in the in progress photo. He is trying to decide what to do with the stairs.

I hated the window treatments so off they came - we will install new valences and side curtains. I have all the day-night blinds in the house and am trying to clean them. Any suggestions appreciated. We would rather not replace them until we are sure this lifestyle is for us for the next few years.
Before                           In Progress
The dining area chairs will be recovered. To create more room, we are thinking of taking only two with us and using folding chairs when we have guests.

The bathroom is presenting lots of challenges but we are working our way through them. I am cleaning taps and the sink in the house. We will use them until we are in an area with a good RV supplies store. I want to look before purchasing. Another hate - the glass shower doors - they are so hard to clean really well around the frame so out they go. We will use a shower curtain. Arch is working on a replacement for the fake gold ridged thing around the sink.
Before                           In Progress
Sorry, the before photo is a bit blurry.

In both the main living area (should I call it the "great room") and the bedroom there is a decor item framing the slides that is a fuzzy green fabric framed the with wood that matches the cabinets. Very dated. We originally planned to replace the fabric with some of the flooring but when we removed the fabric we found good plywood so we are simply staining it to match the floor. 
Before                                After
Next comes the fun part. Wallpaper. I will likely do this while Arch tends to exterior issues. We long ago learned not to wallpaper together. It is very bad for a marriage.

These are our decor choices:
The pebble wallpaper will go in the bathroom, the striped (a little hard to see - it is cream with a dark pin stripe) in the rest of the motorhome. Fabrics are for window treatments and to cover dining chairs. We will use the beige tiles as a back splash behind the sink areas in both the kitchen and bathroom.

But, it is beautiful here today so we are going golfing :)


  1. Hi Anne,

    Keep us informed about the renovations. We will be doing ours in the next year or so. For window coverings we are going to go with the MCD shades. They are in the new RVs and we love them.
    I've added your blog to my blogroll.


  2. Thanks for the info Vicky. We will order them after we cross the border to the US next fall. The shipping companies charge a fortune to clear parcels through customs at the border so it is very expensive to order them for delivery to us here.
    And you are on our blogroll as well. Fun to keep up with everyone's activities that way.


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