Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our New Baby Finally Arrived

The new-to-us motorhome has arrived, two days late, but she is here.  She is perfect and has been thoroughly inspected. My sister and her husband arrived to check out the sofa sleeper bed. It must be changed. My niece and nephew arrived with the grand nieces and nephews. The kids wanted to take it for a spin. Not yet I am afraid. Soon though. The neigbours were over and baptized it with beer and tea. Champagne will come after it is fixed up.  We have a lot of work to do but that will be the fun part. (If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.)
It has arrived but missed the driveway.
Getting over this section was tricky - the gravel on the driveway was very soft.
It (we really must come up with a name for the poor girl - all suggestions welcome) is towing a boat that is for resale if you are interested.
She made it and is now parked in front of the garage
She need a good bath as she came through a lot of snow and muck. Then it was time to inspect our new home.
Lots of good storage in bedroom. 
The bed is queen-size - we could fit a king-size one in but would need to take out the night tables.The mattress, mirror and TV must go. There is room for a nice painting where the mirror is and Arch is trying to figure out how to install a flat screen TV. The bed is in the slide and both slides work perfectly.

Bathroom is large but dated.
You see only half the bathroom here. We will replace the sink and both sets of taps and the shower head. Counter top is OK. The shower doors must go. I hate those things - way too hard to clean the nooks and corners. The floor is carpeted - yuck. That must go! As a matter of fact the whole place is carpeted and must be replaced.

The kitchen is small but function-able
There is a great, side-by-side refrigerator freezer with an ice maker, a large microwave, a 3 burner range with a small oven and a 2 compartment sink. Counter top is Corian. Not much counter space - I will be working on more simple-to-prepare recipes.

table and chairs in dining area
This is great and there is enough room that we can move them around to play cards, etc. No peeking over the opponents shoulder you know. Will probably recover the chairs.
The sofa must go
It is a "davenport-style" sofa,  that is, the back goes down to make a bed, and is too short and amazingly uncomfortable, I don't think even Tara will sleep on this. It is bolted to the slide so I am not sure how we are going to replace it with a sofa bed. All suggestions appreciated.
Arch is trying to get the TV out.
The driver and passenger seats turn to add seating to the "livingroom" and the other large chair is a recliner. They are a beige leather-like fabric and we will likely keep them - they are a little worn but very comfortable.
Most important of all, Tara has found her spot.
This is going to be a fun project. We purchased and fixed up homes in the past but this will be a first. Wish us luck.


  1. The motorhome looks great! And not just the outside, but the interior as well! Even with all the fixtures inside, it still looks spacious. Well, from the looks of it, I think it is a 36 feet Class A motorhome. Traveling is going to be pure bliss for you and Arch. By the way, what name did she get?


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