Sunday, August 26, 2012

National Dog Day

So who knew it? Today is National Dog Day. I wonder if it is to honour dogs or the dog days of summer. I am going to assume it is dogs and, as it is her day, update you about Tara. You can catch up on her long tale of survival here.

We've had another trying time with Tara the last couple of months.

The vet thought she was being over medicated for her epilepsy and adjusted the dosage. He thought that might be what was causing the weakness in her front leg. What a bad idea that was. As the effects of the medication diminished she started to have more seizures and at our lowest point last June she had 16, yes 16, seizures in 2 1/2 days. She was really spaced out and Arch rushed he to the vet where, after a thorough examine, he suggested we put her down. Arch said no, if that is the option to over medicating her, lets increase her medication again and see what happens. So that is what we did and the seizures stopped in a matter of hours. And Tara when back to being her old self. A seizure once a month, sleeping a lot (due to the medication) and limping around visiting customers at Bay Hammocks.

Then a couple of weeks ago a customer told us her dog had a similar problem and a friend suggested she try Velvet Elk Antler. She did so and noticed a real improvement in her dog. I figured that we had nothing to lose at this stage so ordered some to see if it would do any good.

It arrived a week ago and you would not believe the difference it has made. Tara is alert and active all day, goes for walks and each evening walks about 1km down to a little beach near us, goes for a swim and walks home.

Here is our happy new dog. Actually, she is in begging mode here.

And finally,  a smile for today that has nothing to do with National Dog Day but is funny anyway:


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to hear the unconventional remedy is so effective. Actually, I tend to prefer that philosophy for myself, too.


    1. We are so happy that it worked. She gets better and better as each day goes by.


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