Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Starting Out on Our Big RV Trip

We left our home base in Seabright NS on October 27. After bidding most of the family farewell at family supper the week before my sister Mary and husband, John dropped in that morning for a final good by.
Arch, Mary, John
The we very carefully hooked up the dolly and loaded the car. You may remember last year's disastrous starting out day when the car went over the end of the dolly and then the Adventure Bus would not start. And we spent our first night "on the road" in a garage parking lot. So it was a great relief when the car was loaded and the Adventure Bus started and was ready to go.

We spent two days in Truro NS visiting with Arch's sister and family:
Arch's niece, Linda, brother-in-law, Cyril, sister, Grace, Me and Arch

New to this picture, Arch's niece, Jan who cook us a wonderful supper
and college classmate Janet (Walker) Killawee and her husband Arch.
Janet, Arch and Arch
It was great to see Janet again and catch up and to meet Arch.

Then it was on to Moncton, New Brunswick to stay with RVing friends Elaine and Rick Cochrane of
in the Adventure Bus in their backyard, with full hook-ups. Very convenient
And to visit with my nephew David and his family:
Here are grand nieces Renee and Emily in their halloween costumes. I "borrowed" this picture from David's Facebook page. We and Rick and Elaine actually left Moncton halloween morning to head to the USA. But that is the subject of my next post.

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  1. We miss you guys...we are having a great visit with out kids in Glen Allen Va....we will be here till Monday...glad to see it is smooth sailing for you two...the wiper motor arrived yesterday so that will be installed by Rick today sometime...stay safe folks..till we meet again!!


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