Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Big Day

Well, tomorrow is a big day. The dolly to pull Arch's car has arrived and Arch and brother-in-law, John are going to hook the dolly to the Adventure Bus, load on the car and head out for a test drive. The ultimate goal is to arrive at Canadian Tire to have the lights installed. I am not sure what on - not my department.

It is also a test of our ability to prepare the Adventure Bus to move. After living here for two month we are pretty spread out with stuff that will fly around and/or break when we drive. I spent most of today reorganizing closets and cupboards, figuring out ways to secure things, etc. Once more I did a lot of de-stuffing. About the tenth time I moved something out of the way, I got rid of it. Even a bottle of champagne, left over from last New Year's Eve, has moved to the refrigerator at Bay Hammocks. I did not throw that out. Those of you who live in houses will not believe how little stuff you really need.

So now Arch, John and Tara are set to go. Princess and I will stay behind to mind the store.

We also got the licence plates for the Adventure Bus this week. Up until now we got a temporary permit whenever we wanted to move it. The licence is expensive here in Nova Scotia - $500. So we wanted to time it so the renewal comes in August when our other expenses are fairly low. When Arch got to the Motor Vehicle Department the person serving him insisted that we only needed a camper permit costing $120. Arch thought that was a great deal, got his plates and off he went. Then he started thinking - what if we had an accident and we had the wrong licence? That would make our insurance invalid. Not a good situation. So back he went. Much discussion. Several supervisors consulted. New $500 licence issued. They did not want to refund the $130. Huh?? More supervisors. More discussion. Finally the money was refunded and Arch was on his way. Arch is not good at dealing with red tape so you can just imagine how happy he was when he got home.

I will let you know how tomorrow goes.

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