Thursday, August 16, 2012


The outing today for the Adventure Bus with car on dolly attached was a bit of a production to start but a great success:

Arch made some makeshift ramps to get the car to the dolly ramps. The car has a very low under carriage so getting the ramps placed just right and loading the car was very tricky.
It doesn't look like much to be hauling a car but we cannot tow the car with all 4 wheels down and a trailer was too big for Arch and I to manipulate, so this is it.

Once on, the car is held in place with these yellow straps. Sure hope they are good and strong.

It wasn't long before the straps were securely in place and all was ready to go.

Our grand nephew. 9 year old Jonah,(also John's grandson) was also along for the ride. So all three plus Tara (our dog) hopped in, buckled up and off they went.

All went very well. Towing the car actually made the Adventure Bus much more stable to drive. The lights are now hooked up (they go on the dolly) and the whole thing is very easy for Arch and I to manage. This was a very big step because, if it did not work, we would have to buy a vehicle that we could tow and we did not want to do that. It is a dream to buy a new jeep before we go to Arizona and points west next year, but we want to be sure we like the lifestyle before we invest too much money in it.

Next step is to have the awning installed and the front of the motorhome painted. We are not even sure how we are going to get the awning to the business to have it installed, It is 16 feet long. And, if it takes more than one day to paint the front, where are we going to sleep. If it was just us, no problem. But we also have Princess and Tara. Challenges for another day.

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