Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Day in Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson is the capital and largest city in Mississippi. Located south of the Yazoo River, it is considered to be at the southern border of the Mississippi Delta. Located just to its north is the Ross Barnett Reservoir which supplies water to the city. 
It is an amazing facility that contains 48 parks, including 5 campsites. We discovered it while searching for a spot to stay for one night. The campground was the most beautiful we have found in our travels in the Adventure Bus. 

And only $20 per night, with all services. So we stayed 3 nights.

Boating and fishing are the main forms of recreation there:
Apparently there is a catfish in the reservoir the size of a Volkswagen. Or so we were told. I wouldn't want to see that thing on the end of my line!

When we visit a new area we like to spend one day checking out an interesting feature of that area. Did you know that Jackson is one of only four cities in the United States that are located on an extinct volcano? It is said to be under the coliseum:

So we headed out to see what we could learn. Not much. The coliseum was not open that day.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the biggest event happening in Jackson that day. The Grand Opening of Mississippi's largest outlet mall. They were expecting huge crowds and were prepared for them with a heavy parking control and police presence:
And the media was there hyping the place:
The mall itself was the usual but this kiosk interested me the most:
I'm not sure what the message was. There was no one overseeing it and the musical instruments were not protected by a glass case. Yet no one touched it. Interesting.

And this shop caught Arch's attention:
The cookies were delicious.

When we left the mall we decided to stop for a late lunch, early supper. We do this a lot. It saves on making lunch AND supper. The meal needs a name of its own. Lupper maybe. Anyway, we chose a restaurant called Georgia Blue:
We are having a problem finding small local restaurants and this restaurant, one of a chain of three, was as close as we could come here. The food, which they bill as sophisticated southern cuisine, was interesting, delicious and unique and our server outstanding. We spent a lot of time chatting with her and when we asked for the bill she said "there is no bill - I had so much fun hearing about your trip that I am paying for your lunch." What a pleasant end to our day in Jackson. 

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  1. Lupper always sounds great because normally you have lunch before supper. What was the name of the restaurant? If they treated you that well you should give them a Shout Out which will eventually help their bottom line. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    PS. Word verification is sometimes too difficult for aging eyes. We simply set our exceptable comments to Registered Users eliminating Anonymous Commenters and seldom get Spam. If you do you mark them as spam so blogger will recognize them and eventually they will stop.

    1. Hi Rick and Kathy. Welcome to our blog.

      I did mention the name of the restaurant - Georgia Blue - and included a link to their website. And a picture of the restaurant. They serve delicious food that is an interesting twist on southern cooking and we highly recommend them if you are visiting Mississippi.

      I agree. Word verification is a real pain and I did remove it for a while but was getting 4 to 5 spam comments a day. I am not sure what I write about that attracts so many spammers but.....

  2. Hey guys we stayed in that campground when we visited our daughter 2 years ago.


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