Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Old Folks go for a Walk

I am so far behind in blog posts I just realized that I missed one. This story should appear before "Traveling with Friends". Oh well!! Here it is now.

While we were visiting with Arch's family in Truro his sister Grace suggested we go for a morning walk in Victoria Park. Located in the heart of Truro this is an amazing spot to discover in an urban setting. It has everything you could ask for in a park:

There is a huge picnic area plus lots of smaller picnic spots tucked away within the park:
There are the usual baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, etc and of course an outdoor swimming pool:
tucked in behind the trees
And a bandshell for outdoor concerts:
But, for us, the main attraction is the miles of hiking trails through the forest. We chose to take the trail to "the falls" - about a mile or so long. There are two ways to get there - a high trail thats takes you up over a very large hill and the trail we took, along Leeper's (read frog's) Brook.
Along the way there is the option to climb to the higher trail via "Jacob's Ladder"
there is another level to this stairway that you cannot see.
And various spots on the brook have interesting names - the easier to tell someone where you are:
The Witches Cauldron
And at the end:
The Falls

The next morning we went back and decided to take the "high road" to the falls. It as quite a climb but really good exercise.

To go back we had to climb up to the route we took in and, for some reason, the up looked a lot more tricky that the down. Also, it was a very frosty morning and there were a lot of slippery spots on the trail and we thought a hand rail would be useful. So we decided to follow the mid-level trail back.

What we did not know was that this trail ended  - guess where? At the top of Jacobs Ladder!!!
Looking Down
So there we stood. Three old folks (two seventy somethings and an eighty year old) and one very tiny dog. Looking down.

What to do? what to do? Go back to the top of the slippery hill? Or go down the frosty ladder?

We chose the ladder. Arch went first, carrying Dash, Grace's dog, Then Grace, then me. I thought I would stay a bit behind to take a picture but it was too scary, so sorry, no more down photos.

It was a terrifying trip but, needless to say, we made it safely.
And, don't tell Grace's children about this excursion, they will kill her!!!

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