Monday, March 11, 2013

Florida Tiki Bar

To us a Tiki Bar is a Polynesian bar that serves fancy drinks with umbrellas in them. There are lots of Tiki bars in Florida and we have been avoiding them like the plague. But there are so many that we finally decided it was time to find out what they are all about. So last Sunday we decided to try The Shed Riverfront Tiki Bar for lunch. what an experience that turned out to be.

When we arrived it was obviously busy:
So we left Tara in the car and walked over to see if we could find a table. Instead we found this grassy area off to one side of the bar, but close enough that we could hear the music. And dogs were welcome here.
So we went back to the car, collected Tara, her paraphernalia, and our chairs.
And found a comfy spot on the lawn, set up our chairs, ordered lunch and a couple of beers and settled in to enjoy the music and the "scene".
And it was quite a scene:

People were arriving by foot, by motorcycle and by car:
Even by boat:
Most of the boaters collected their food and drinks and sat on the boat enjoying the music.

There were families fishing from the dock:
And dancing:
The little one on the right had a great time dancing with her dad.
Our conclusion? A Florida Tiki Bar is a lot like a Nova Scotia Pub. Minus our ridiculous liquor laws.

There are more pictures of our stay on Florida's Nature Coast on our Facebook page.  

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  1. gotta love the tiki bars....we're heading to some this week :)


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