Saturday, March 23, 2013

It Was a Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock and Roll

Lots of full-time RVers love to boondock or dry camp - ie - park in locations, sometimes remote, without services and therefore free. I am not among them. I can go without water and  sewer hook-ups (we have tanks for all that) but have tremendous fondness for electricty. But we wanted to try it and have done so several times on this trip.

There is a website called Boondockers Welcome that we are a member of (see side bar). Members of this site offer boondocking space on their property when they are home and use other member's sites when travelling. Last summer we entertained three different boondocking couples at Bay Hammocks and loved having them.

There are several other options for boondockers. Walmart is one and we stayed with them twice on this trip - both times when we were unable to obtain a site in a RV Park. We will likely do this again when we get close to home in April and no campsites are available. Casinos often welcome boondockers as well.

Another boondocking website we are members of is Harvest Hosts. The idea here is that farms with market stands, winerys, etc offer RVers overnight parking on their property. In return, you purchase their products.

Last week, on our way from Stuart to St. Petersburg we stayed at a Harvest Host site in Plant City - the Keel and Curley Winery - while waiting for our camping site in the Fort DeSoto County Park to be available.
It was quite an experience and a lot of fun. They are located in a rural area, just outside Plant City. When we arrived we checked in with a very friendly woman who told us to park in the field across the street. We were able to select a beautiful shaded spot on what was a very hot day:
And headed over to the winery to try their wares. It was very busy with visitors and a wedding happening on the patio so we so we settled ourselves on a swing on the front porch to sip our wine and watch "the scene".
They forgot to put Nova Scotia on the sign:
While we were there the wedding ended and the patio cleared.
Then a food truck pulled up:
And the patio lights came on:
People started to arrive and the DJ started to rock. It was time for the Friday night party.
We left early but went to bed to the sounds of rock and roll music and laughter in the distance. Very sensibly  the music stopped at 10:30 pm.
The next morning we awoke to the sounds of a rooster crowing. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thank You!, Keel and Curley Winery for such a great stay.

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  1. Arch and Anne, We too, love our electricity and although we camped a few times this winter with no hookups, I have realized that neither of us is pioneer stock. We are also members of both of the organizations that you mentioned. And have used Harvest Hosts several times. Have yet to to try Boondockers welcome. Maybe we will avail ourselves of your hospitality sometime in the future.

    1. We would love to have you Daryl. And can provide electricity and water :)


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