Monday, March 25, 2013

On the Bounding Main

Arch's niece, Debbie, and her husband Gerry are visiting Florida from Nova Scotia to escape the last bits of winter and enjoy a few days of sailing.

They rented a sail boat in St Petertsburg and invited us to join them for a sail. Here are a few pictures.

Debbie and Gerry
This was the first time they took the charter boat out so Gerry spent some time figuring our the controls.
Then we were off and he relaxed to enjoy the sail:
Arch and I both loved speeding quietly across the water:

Tara not so much:
Although she did settle in once she was able to sit with Arch:
We had lots of company on the gulf:

And of course, no matter what you have, someone has one that causes a bit of envy:
After a great sail we headed back to the marina. Arch and Debbie lowered the sail (I held onto Tara - I don't think we will make a sailor out of her :).

And Debbie showed the way into the marina:
Thanks Debbie and Gerry for a great day!

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