Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meeting More "Lost" Chisholms

We spent Christmas 2012 with Jim and Judy Chisholm, Arch's lost and now found cousins. In February Jim contacted us to say his brother Tom, who lives in California was coming to visit in March so we immediately adjusted our travel plans to meet him and his wife, Carol.

So on March 14 and 15 we travelled across Florida to spend a day with them. What great fun we had. We parked the Adventure Bus at Jonathan Dickinson State Park so Jim suggested they bring lunch to our campsite and then take a boat tour up the Loxahatchee River to see a bit of the "real" Florida.

Arch and I went over to the river to check out the tour boat schedule after we checked in the night before and it did not seem very crowded so we figured we were good to go:
But when we all got there the next day the tour boat was full. What to do. Jim and Arch held an impromptu consultation:
And decided we would rent two little motorboats. Which they did. So we grabbed life jackets and of we went to get the boats.

OH! OH! Not quite what we expected:
But we hopped in - Jim, Judy and Carol in one boat, Tom, Arch and I in the other, and off we went:
Jim, Carol and Judy
They're off
And we are right behind. This is cousin Tom with Arch
And away we went. Moving at "idle speed" as instructed:

The plan was to arrive at Trapper Nelson's Cabin ahead of the tour boat, then join up with the tour of the interpretive site - our destination on this trip. Suddenly we noticed the tour boat, which was still loading when we left the dock, catching up to us:
And then it passed us:
Better step on the gas guys, we don't like to miss the tour:
We arrived at the dock just in time to hook up with the tour:
And for the brothers to ham it up:
The tour was fascinating and I will post a blog about it soon.

After the tour we headed back to our boats:
And back down the river.

Then Jim and Judy, Tom and Carol returned to Jim and Judy's and Arch and I went to move the Adventure Bus to Walmart - we messed up our reservation at the park and were booked in for one night instead of two. The Walmart was just 5 minutes from Jim and Judy's house so that actually worked very well.

Then we picked Tara up from doggy daycare. It was a wonderful daycare with lots of playtime and personal attention for the dogs so she arrived home exhausted and sporting a new St. Patrick's Day scarf:
And headed our to join the cousins.

Judy made several delicious veggie dishes for supper:
And Jim prepared blackened catfish on the barbecue:
With considerable assistance from his brother and cousin :)

After supper conversation:
Carol and Tom
Judy and Jim
 And the end of another great visit. Thanks again Judy and Jim. We are looking forward to seeing Tom and Carol in California next winter and Jim and Judy sooner we hope. But in the meantime isn't Facebook great?

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