Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things That Fly - Rolls and Blue Angels

While staying in Gulf Shores AL we caught up to Jekyll Island friends Linda and Jim and Karen and Mike. They were staying at different campgrounds near us.

The first night we were there Linda suggested we go to dinner at Lambert's - home of the throwed roll:
Apparently they throw the rolls that come with dinner to you. Flying rolls are a very successful gimmick as it turns out. When we arrived there was a 1 and 1/2 hour wait for a table. And people were lined up around to the back of the building. We decided to go up the road for a pizza.
Linda and Jim - apparently pizza does this to some people
Arch and I went back to Lambert's next day but the line-up was just as long. No flying rolls for us!

But we did get to see the Blue Angels fly that day. Their home base is the Naval Air Station Pensacola just a short drive from Gulf Shores. And they train there 3 to 4 days a week. Up to now. Apparently, due to sequestration, the training sessions have been cut and this was their last week. So we were lucky to get to see them

The show started at 8 am on what was a very chilly morning. We arrived at the base and showed ID at the entrance:
It was pretty informal. This part of the base is also home to the Museum of Naval Aviation and is open to the public:
We headed straight to the air field to watch the show. Did I mention that it was chilly:
Each of the manoeuvres in the following pictures has a name but I cannot remember which goes with which so I'll just show you the pictures:

Notice that two of the jets are upside down

At the end of the 47 minute training session the F-18 Hornet Jets landed 1 at a time, about 3 seconds apart, and taxied up to the grandstand to take a bow:
When the Blue Angels tour a C-130 Hercules called Fat Albert carries all their gear:
It has special booster jets on each side below the wings to assist it in lifting its heavy weight on take-off from airports with short runways:
All in all a great show - worth getting up early for.
Then we went off to a restaurant in Gulf Shores - The Shrimp Basket - for lunch:
From left - Karen, Mike, Jim and Linda
It was great to see you all - safe travels.

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